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The other day while in Bed, Bath & Beyond, I saw a huge display of monogram letters. While most of them were cute, and user friendly in the sense that you’d pick up your desired letters in which ever color, size or material combo you wanted – and then just go home and tack them on the wall – I couldn’t help but think..well…that it was pretty cheesy. So, like most things I see – I thought about ways to tweak the at hand products to make them a bit more sophisticated, pretty, or just plain fun – and these are things you can do instantly. Just purchase the in store letters and DIY it! Check out six different ways to step up your Monogram game below. Get your Insta – Gram on!

1. Purchase the letters needed – cover in fabrics from a piece of clothing from a meaningful day (i.e. sweater worn on first date), sheet music or your couple’s song, or even love letters. They definitely will have more meaning, and are great conversation pieces.

2. Glue pearls or other gemstones to the letters, I’m a stickler for color coordination so I’d stick to say tourmaline and hues of pink – but a combination of stones would be really pretty as well!

3. Wrap with yarn – My best friend did this for her daughter’s nursery with her name. Super cute, and super easy!

4. Frame it – You’ll probably need something that has a little more depth to it, like a shadow box for this one. Put a piece of fabric, i.e. black and white chevron flat against the frame, and then place a brightly colored letter over it – then close the frame and hang. I’d like red with that particular pattern/color scheme.

5. Add photographs of your favorite memories, make a collage on the surface of each initial, picture perfect!

6. Cover in memorable trinkets, prized possessions, or items that show a bit about your personality. I.E. hometown postcard, favorite team logos, etc.

Check out some cool tutorials here – Ombre Monogram

July 30th, 2015 by Christina

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