Patch – Work it!

When I hear the word quilt – one thing comes to mind. A floral paisley monstrosity with a million different colors that somehow kept making it’s way back into my living room after several attempts to hide it, destroy it, or toss it. This blanket would only make sense to a color blind individual…really. Maybe that’s why my father loved the patchwork quilt that was slung over the couch in the living room growing up. It all makes sense now. I guess there’s a silver lining in everything.

Any way – while most people do not have color vision deficiencies, few can really take on the skill of quilt making and achieve aesthetic success. I know, while these handmade blankets have come a long way from their random scrap material conjoining days, and all should be appreciated for the time, effort and ingenuity that goes into each one…however, I have found several that really raise the bar. Take a look at six different ways these creative individuals patch worked it!

Modern Hexie Quilt via Modern Hancraft

Moonglow via

Dahlia Quilt via EtsySunflower via Quilts by JenBlockbuster via

Moda via Homed It 

July 29th, 2015 by Christina

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