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Two years ago, I visited a friend’s sister at her newly built home. It was lovely, two floors of brand new freshly painted and decorated bliss. Naturally, my favorite part was the walk in closet. This thing was grand, truly a sight for sore eyes. It had to be the size of two of my bedrooms put together. Anyway – although that truly had most of my attention – something else caught my eye. It was her wedding dress, in all of its sparkly handmade glory, displayed in a case that adorned one of the walls. I happened to love it. It was the first time I had seen this – and after that I hadn’t again. More recently, I read a post on another blog that discussed how one of the RHOBH’s had hers on display, and she thought it was awkward. While some might agree, I think it’s awesome. There are so many ways to commemorate your special day, and this is one of the more unique ways. Check out six different ways brides took their dress display to the next level.


July 21st, 2015 by Christina

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