DIY Backyard Makeovers!

Over the memorial day weekend, I hosted a BBQ, as I am sure most people either hosted or attended one themselves. Any how, I woke early Saturday morning to prep the backyard for my ten plus guests. While setting up with the outdoor chairs we have, and folding tables, I realized that we were severely lacking in the aesthetics department. So, of course I took to pinterest. Here are six different ways to spruce up your summer shin dig – DIY style. Enjoy!

1. String Lights – How gorgeous these are! They’re inviting and warm up the atmosphere, adding a magical touch to any summer night.

2. Outdoor Storage Cabinet – Use an old cabinet, strip it down and paint it, add some funky wallpaper and add a all weather sealant. Store garden tools, swimming towels, candles, etc away safely and in style.

3. Outdoor Plastic Chairs Revamped – Cover areas of your old plastic chairs with tape, and pick a fun color and spray away. I like the horizontal stripes, and would probably go for a nautical style with navy and white stripes but the brighter the better!

4. Tire Coffee Table – Love these colors! Perfect example of upcycling. Alternatives to the tires could be a ice tub, great for storage!!

5. Tent – This is really detailed, but you could try simpler versions. Great for reading, relaxing, and resting.

6. Pallet Tiki Bar – This is a feat for the ambitious, but worth the results! Add lights for the finishing touch!

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