Lovely Lofts

Recently, I made some room in one of the smaller rooms in my home. This room was previously used as an office, a closet, a spare bedroom, a craft room, a mini library…and the list goes on. More recently, we have been hosting a number of family friends. So, the room is going to serve as a guest bedroom again. While we absolutely need to utilize this room for guests, it also needs to retain some of the space that we used it for previously. So what has to go? NOTHING.  Here are six different lovely lofts that will serve to maximize the usage of your guest room!
1.  The computer desk, media shelves and trundle/additional loft bed make this perfect for a multi functional space!
2. Check out those stairs – they are actually filing cabinets! Closet and storage space as well as trendy ombre doors serve to make this chic loft space perfect for you and your guests.
3. This loft bed has a cozy little nook underneath that’s enclosed for privacy. Great closet space here as well!
4. This kid’s loft space is too cute. The modern classic furniture, fake grass and work/play space are perfect for your little ones or grand kids!
5. The deluxe loft – this has it all! Closet space, a book shelf, a seating area. It’s pretty much everything you need in and under one piece of furniture.
6. Very cool closed off space, great for kids or adults. this was made with a regular loft bed, and then transformed with DIY cut out panels. Good for privacy, safety, and fun!
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