Food Inspired Rooms

I am a self proclaimed foodie. One wouldn’t think so as I really do not eat that much, but when I eat, I EAT. When I’m at work, I’m thinking about dinner. When I’m having dinner, I’m thinking about breakfast. Sometimes I’m coming up with new recipes, other times I’m mimicking chain restaurant’s secret recipes (I have a guilty pleasure for cheddar bay biscuits).  I have been like this for as long as I could remember. When I was younger, it was tipped more to the chocolate/candy/dessert/sweet end of the see-saw that is my diet, now it’s more food. When I was a kid though, sweets were my passion. I always wanted a room that was decorated like the candy land board game – which was naturally my favorite game. Unfortunately my sister, with whom I shared a room with at the time, didn’t share my enthusiasm for sweets so I was SOL. One always could dream, and I did. I took a trip down memory lane today and found these really unique, food themed rooms, some popping up in hotels around the country!! Dreams do come true!! Dig in!! =)

April 30th, 2015 by Christina

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