All Hail The Queen!

Today we tip our hats to the Queen Elizabeth II in honor of her 89th birthday. She is iconic not only because she is one of the longest reigning monarchs in British History, but she has also long contributed to the word of style and design through her wardrobe. Here are some fun facts about Her Royal Highness’s style:

1. She always wears pearls- rarely ever wears diamonds, unless required by tradition (i.e., tiaras, necklaces, etc).

2. Don’t let the original coronation photograph from 1953 fool you! HRH is anything but black and white, as you could see by her “style rainbow” spanning throughout the course several decades (below). She loves color!

3. Headgear is a must! These include but are not limited to; hats (over 5,000 and counting), scarves, floral turbans, and yes, of course – the occasional tiara.

4. She serves as a style icon for English fashion model, singer and actress Agyness Deyn.

5.  She is also the muse responsible for Dolce & Gabbana’s 2008 line which featured argyles, knits, plaid tweeds and kilts.

6. The Queen has been known to reuse and recycle fabrics from her mother, as well as her gowns used from years ago to create new pieces for her wardrobe. She even saved ration cards to purchase the fabric needed to make her wedding gown!

There you have it, smart, savvy and stylish for 89 years! All Hail The Queen!

April 21st, 2015 by Christina

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