Create the Perfect Modern Home Office

As more and more employers are making the move to have employees work from remote locations, like their homes, it is essential to have a stellar office space to work in that feels personalized but also provides everything you need to create a productive environment.

The first ingredient you need in the equation is the perfect desk. The Nelson Style Swag desk provides a sturdy, organized and stylish space for you to work with. It has a fresh, minimalist look inspired by Mid-Century Modern design with clean lines and splashes of color. It is crafted from a combination of melamine and solid wood. Its sturdy legs are built from stainless steel and polished to add a shimmer of radiance.Next, a comfortable office chair that offers both mobility and flexibility is in store.


The Eiffel Office Chair comes in a variety of vibrant colors that can match the boldly colored plastic dividers within the desk or you can opt to have them in more neutral colors such as black or white. Additionally, you can choose from supple leatherette or soft wool upholstery. The chair offers adjustable height and a chrome plated steel base. The base is supported by 5 casters for easy mobility. Lastly, privacy is a crucial factor in making the ideal home office space.

If you don’t have an extra room in your home to create a closed off office, you can use a room divider to create a private section while you are working.  An even better solution for those with less space is to purchase a room partition that also provides extra storage space for files, books and documents.  An excellent room divider and shelving unit is the Berlin 4 Levels or the Berlin 5 Levels. This shelving unit provides shelving with two to three compartments on each level.

The shelving unit is made from MDF with a durable honeycomb core construction.  The small or large in a pure white matte lacquer finish would pair nicely with the white top of the Nelson Swag Desk.  Combine the shelving unit with the additional Berlin Boxes to protect and to store files and documents. The Berlin Boxes also come in an array of colors that will enhance the overall design in combination with the desk and the office chair. With just 4 items, you can create an awe-inspiring and successful working space right in your own home.

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