Industrial and Antique Interior Design

Many industrial and antique designed furnishings have a vintage look and rugged feel to them. They are made of hardy materials like cast iron, galvanized steel, reclaimed wood, and regenerative leather typically featuring distressed details.

Many pieces are made to look like they are built from raw materials but often times they get their worn appearance from techniques such as brushing or galvanization.

If you are ever looking for an industrial design furnishing but don’t know where to start begin with pieces that combine metal and wood throughout the design. Anything that looks like it has been sitting in an old automobile factory or warehouse is also a great place to start.

Don’t be afraid to combine styles either. Interestingly, rustic design, which is often associated with rural spaces and industrial design, which is often associated with urban spaces make for a truly eclectic atmosphere when blended together in one commercial or residential space.

March 3rd, 2014 by Alexandra Christina

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