Multi-Functional Fireplaces for Small Spaces


It is a frosty December day in New Jersey and nothing would be nicer than to cozy up next to a warm fire. However, many of us don’t have fireplaces built-into our homes and we might not have the space to place a portable one either. Fortunately, Buhler offers elegant bedroom dressers and media stands with fireplaces inserted into the furniture piece.  The Logan and Medeira come equipped with sturdy shelves and drawers for storing clothing and personal items and spacious tops for placing a television or other media device. You can enjoy the luxury of a toasty fireplace while watching your favorite movie right from the comfort of your bedroom.

The Logan Fireplace by Buhler

The Medeira Fireplace by Buhler

The Ginza Fireplace by Buhler

The Shibuya Fireplace & Periscope by Buhler

These multifunctional fireplaces are the perfect way to add style to your home décor without sacrificing efficiency.

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