Happy Birthday, Pablo Picasso!


Today marks the birthday of one of the most influential artists of the 20th century: Pablo Picasso. Picasso was born on October 25th 1881 and his artistic mediums included paintings, prints, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, theater sets and costumes. His art styles were versatile including realism, abstraction, cubism, neoclassicism, surrealism and expressionism.  He is also considered to be one of the artists who defined revolutionary developments in the plastic arts which involves physical manipulation of a plastic medium by molding or modeling.  Of all his artistic styles, cubism especially had a powerful impact on modern designers. Cubism breaks down an object into a set of geometric forms and then rearranges them to represent a three-dimensional image of the whole object.  Picasso used this technique while also showing multiple views of an object simultaneously.  

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon | 1907 | Cubism

Still Life with a Bottle of Rum | 1911 | Cubism

Girl with a Mandolin (Fanny Tellier) | 1910 | Cubism

Picasso left a potent mark on the minds of contemporary designers and his inspiration lives on through their artwork.  So, Happy Birthday Pablo Picasso and thank you for your contribution to modern art!

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