Quirky Animal Shaped Furniture Designs


Animals are beautiful creatures worthy of our appreciation. Although we may not be inclined to go live with them in their natural habitats, we can always bring them into our homes in the form of amazing designs.

Like many modern furnishings, animal shaped furniture serves as functional art pieces in the home. The arch of a coy fish can serve as a beautiful lamp stand or the legs of a furry four-legged friend can make the perfect table base. Animal shaped creations are fun and inspirational adding elements of creativity and playfulness to a contemporary interior.

Animal Leg Table Bases

Wooden Elephant Wine Holder

Pig Sofa

Bear Dining Table

Gazelle Side Table Base

Penguin Shaped Body Mirrors

Artistic Squid Chair

Bunny and Antelope Chairs

Butterfly Chairs

Walrus Lounge Chair

Black Bear Bookcase

Tortoise Ottomans

Tortoise Ottoman

October 16th, 2013 by Alexandra Christina

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