6 Different Ways to Reuse Old Vinyl Records

Call me old fashioned but I am still a fan of listening to vinyl records,  but these days it is certainly not as convenient as grabbing your MP3 player or iPod for music on-the-go. I have seen hundreds of vinyl records being given away for free on Craigslist or you can pick up a stack for cheap at your local thrift store. You may even have vinyl records lying around your house that are scratched, warped or unlistenable for reasons other than just damage (perhaps your musical taste has evolved!) Instead of just tossing them aside, you can reuse them for decorative or functional pieces for your home décor!  Here are a few of my favorite ways to creativity use vinyl records:

1. Canvases

You can use vinyl records as canvases to paint on. If you want a smoother surface to work with you can spray on a couple layers of primer before you paint.  I like to use acrylic paints but you can explore and experiment with different paints to get the effect you want. If you are apprehensive about painting free-hand on your vinyl canvas, you can also use a stencil. Vinyl records make cheap, effective and beautiful canvases!

Vinyl Record Canvas - Paint

Vinyl Record Canavas - Paint / Stencils

2. Bowls

You can turn your old records into stylish bowls. I would choose a record you actually enjoy but might be damaged or a record with a cool label because the labels can be seen at the bottom of the bowl.  You can also double-up on the craftiness of this project and paint your vinyl first then turn it into a bowl. These vinyl bowls make great fruit bowls, catch-all trays, and containers for potted plants. You can even hang your record-bowl design as wall art.

Vinyl Record Fruit Bowl

Painted Vinyl Record Bowl

3. Cake and Dessert Tray

Using 3 to 4 vinyl records of varying sizes or the same sizes, you can create your own musical dessert tray. This is a great idea for themed parties or to simply show off your amazing crafty side!

Vinyl Record 3 Tier Dessert Tray

Vinyl Record Cupcake Serving Tray

4. Side Table

You can easily create a sturdy vinyl record side table. All you need to do is hot glue the vinyl record (the top of the side table) to a plant stand (the base of the side table) and VOILA! You can enjoy your newly vintage vinyl table!

Vinyl Record Side Table Materials

Vinyl Record Side / End Table

5. Earring Holder

Use a vinyl record to make a stylish earring holder by heating a metal skewer and poking it through the vinyl record. This earring holder is a great way to beautifully display your earrings as well as keep them organized. No more tangled messes!

Vinyl Record Hanging Earring Holder

Vinyl Record Earring Holder

6. Wall Art

You can cut interesting and fun shapes out of vinyl records and hang them throughout your home as art installations or 3D wall decals. Vinyl record wall art makes great conversation starters and adds a touch of edgy design to your home.

Vinyl Record Butterfly 3D Wall Art


Vinyl Record Wall Decal

Vinyl Record Wall Decals

So before you heave those old vinyl records to the trash bin, just remember you can take them on a new spin!

September 10th, 2013 by Alexandra Christina

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