6 Different Ways to Use Mason Jars for Home Decor & Creative Gifts


When people think of mason jars, they usually think of preserving fruit or vegetables. “Mason” jars get their name from inventor John Landis Mason who in 1858 intended to use these jars for food preservation, but mason jars can be used for much more than food storage! Today, you can use mason jars for everything from crafts, storage and decoration.The best part is mason jars are easy to find and relatively inexpensive so you won’t have any trouble getting your hands on them, experimenting with them and allowing your creativity to flow.

1. Candle Holders  – Use with tea lights and small candles for eye-catching interior and exterior lighting

Mason Jar Candle Holder

Mason Jar Candle Holders

2. Herb Garden  An attractive and easy way to grow herbs like chives, thyme or rosemary – use indoor lighting or sunlight that pours in from the window and watch your herbs flourish. Once they outgrow their Mason jar home, you can transplant them to a larger container or cut them as needed.

Mason Jar Herb Garden

Mason Jars Indoor Herb Garden

3. Flower Vase – a simple and perfectly fitting vase to display freshly cut flowers. You can even paint the jars for a strikingly colorful vase. A variety of paints are suitable for painting a Mason jar vase including acrylic paint, glass paint, puffy paint and spray paint.

Mason Jar Clear Flower Vases

Mason Jars Painted Flower Vases

4. Small Collection Display – An excellent way to skillfully present any collectibles you may have that are small enough to showcase in a jar.

Mason Jar Seashell Collection Display

5. Recipes in a jar – a great gift idea and an easy way to contain an entire recipe’s ingredients in a tightly packaged space!

Mason Jar Cookie Recipe

6. Drinking glasses – an excellent way to provide plenty of glassware for guests, plus you can easily decorate your glasses to fit your party theme!

Mason Jar Party Drinking Glasses

Mason Jar Bride & Groom Wedding Drinking Glasses

I touched on some of my favorite ways to use mason jars but there are countless ways to utilize a mason jar. Allow your imagination to dream up something super functional but really fun to make!

September 4th, 2013 by Alexandra Christina

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