Banana Juice


Happy Monday!

Dd you enjoy the first full weekend of Summer? It’s amazing how the vibe changes once Memorial Day passes.

Over the weekend, I was introduced to banana juice and I’m quite positive it will become my staple for the Summer. A glass in the morning with breakfast has been so refreshing, and I’m thinking adding a bit of rum to it will be great for afternoons by the pool.

Being that I am currently on vacation, I haven’t made this banana juice at home, but I’ve spent some time researching different recipes. I’ve read in a few places that juicers are not meant to juice bananas, so a blender may be the go-to appliance here. I’ve found a simple recipe here for banana juice that includes bananas, milk and a bit of sugar and agave. This is the first one I plan on trying as soon as I get back! Of course there are plenty of variations that include oranges, mangos and other fruits, but right now I just want straight up banana juice.

Have you ever had banana juice? Or attempted to make it?

June 3rd, 2013 by Christina

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