This week is both Passover and Holy Week – important holidays for many religions. Being that it is almost Easter and Spring started last week, this time of year always makes me think of pastel colors. More specifically, today I’m thinking about pastels in home decor.

What are your feelings on pastels in home decor? For adults. Not nurseries! I love a soft baby pink when mixed with light greys, but aside from that color combo, I haven’t thought too much about it. Until today. And I have to admit – I’m loving these rooms above. Pastels can often have a traditional, grandma-ish feel, but if done right, they are stunning.

How about that second room above with the floral print? In the fashion world, those florals are popping up everywhere. At first, I thought I hated that room, but every time I look at it again, I love it. That pink sofa is perfect – it’s modern structure prevents the room from being too Parisian or traditional.

What are your thoughts on pastels in home decor??

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March 25th, 2013 by Christina

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