Vaulted Ceilings: Would You Rather?

Lately all I want in my home is vaulted ceilings. I’ve been stalking homes for sale and will only keep scrolling through the pictures if I see either a kitchen or a bedroom with high, vaulted ceilings. It really makes such a difference in a room when the ceilings are higher than normal – and there are so many different styles you can implement – with lighting and paint colors and molding. And skylights to add even more light and openness.

If I could have a house with super high ceilings in the kitchen AND in the bedroom, it would be heaven. My absolute dream home. But then I thought, which would I rather? Because most likely, I’m not going to be able to have both! I have to say, I think if it came down to it – I’d go for the bedroom. Even though more time is spent in the kitchen than in the bedroom, there’s just something more exciting about a master suite with high ceilings in comparison to one without.

But a open, vaulted kitchen would be excellent for entertaining….

What are your thoughts? If you had to choose between a master bedroom with high ceilings or a kitchen, which would you rather?


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