Would You Rather?: Bedroom Lighting

Today we’re talking bedroom lighting. There are plenty of ways to light up this room – but we’re only focusing on two. So if you had absolutely no other choices, which would you rather….pendant lamps hanging on each side of the bed or one large chandelier in the center of the room?

With bedside pendant lamps, you can go big and bold enough so that they are the focal point of the room, as seen in both of the example images above. But, would you still need other lighting around the room? Depending on the size of your bedroom, you probably would. Perhaps some track lighting from the ceiling,  or various table lamps and floor lamps scattered around would do the trick.

A chandelier in the center of the home gives you the freedom to bring the drama right into the center of the room. You can still add table lamps to your nightstands, but I would probably go for a subdued lamp as to not take away from the fabulosity of a glamorous chandelier or large pendant light.

But it all depends on personal preference – so tell me, would you rather bedside pendant lamps or a large chandelier if you had to choose for your bedroom?

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January 31st, 2012 by Christina

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