Easy On, Easy Off

When I was a kid, I remember picking out this awesome pink flower wallpaper border for my new room. I was so excited for it to go up, and once it adorned the walls of my pink room, I was sick of it after about a week. There are so many cool wallpaper patterns available, and now as an adult I worry about even going there because I know I would get sick of it way sooner than later.

And then I heard about Ink Shuffle. At InkShuffle.com, you can find tons of wall murals – that are fully removable. And affordable! Where were they when I was living in my pink room? Or when I was renting an apartment or living in a college dorm? These would be perfect for rentals and temporary living.

Oh, and they’re eco-friendly! They’re like the Prince William full package of wall décor. According to their website, Ink Shuffle products are easy to install, as well. The murals and such come pre-pasted, so you soak them in water for approximately two minutes and you’re ready to go. There is a huge variety of different patterns to choose from – from cutesy kids patterns to mature adult scenery.

And then, when you’re sick of it or ready for a change, you peel that baby right off. Nice, right?

But I’ve saved the best part for last. You can upload your own photo. Yup, that’s right. Check it out!

How cool is that? But seriously, if you check out InkShuffle.com, beware: you may spend a lotttt of time there!

Where would you put your Ink Shuffle mural? I’m thinking I’d like mine in the living room behind the sofa, or maybe in the hallway, or by the kitchen table…too many good places for one of these!


November 30th, 2011 by Christina

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