So Pinteresting: Tufted Goodness

I don’t know which I love more: Pinterest or tufted furniture. Luckily, today I got to combine the two together!

How plush is that tufted green sofa? I love how even the interiors of the armrests are tufted. And how about that turquoise tufted ottoman? I think I am drawn to this for the same reason I am drawn to the sofa – the tufting continues around the ottoman as it does throughout the sofa. You can never have too many tufts!

Which probably means I should tuft every wall in my house like the next image. I would probably even tuft the backsplash in my kitchen if I could!

And, oh that purple tufted headboard. A tufted headboard is one thing, but that purple?! Ooh la la. (PS that post is a DIY on how to make your own tufted headboard!)

Do you love tufts as much as I do? Or could you do without?

[Pins: Ottoman pinned here, found here. Sofa pinned here, found here. Wall pinned here, found here. Headboard pinned here and found here!]

November 15th, 2011 by Christina

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