Fool Your Friends with Wild Wallpaper

Yesterday, the design blog Trendir covered the awesome wallpaper above. Yes! That’s wallpaper – isn’t it fun? In the photos, the paper really looks like real leather, real panels and real bookshelves! I’m curious to see what they look like in person…

These wallpapers are a great idea for a temporary living space, or an apartment where you don’t have much control over the physical decor. They can really be used in any home…but do you think you’d miss the actual texture that the wood panelling provides?

What I would pay to see is a guest reaching for one of those books!

Anyway, the wallpaper is made by Mineheart, a UK based company founded in 2010. In addition to the wild wallpapers shown here, there are several others on their website that you’ve got to check out.

Another question I have is: how would you decorate with these wallpapers? Here’s what I’m thinking:

How about this tufted leather wallpaper with a tufted leather sofa – too much?!

November 2nd, 2011 by Christina

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