The OfficePOD

Imagine a life where your commute to work involves walking across the yard. Your savings on gas and transportation would be unreal!

With the OfficePOD, a commuter’s dream becomes reality. Made of sustainable and recyclable materials, the OfficePOD presents an environmentally-friendly office solution. For those that work at home, the OfficePOD provides a private, secluded place away from the hustle and bustle that occurs in some homes – thus increasing productivity.

For those that work in an office space, the OfficePOD reduces commuter fees and the pollution that comes from cars, trains, buses, etc. For employers, it works to reduce overhead costs while encouraging productivity in employees. Plus, the POD is eco-friendly, with heavy insulation and low-energy consumption.

The OfficePOD has a sleek, contemporary design so that it doesn’t provide an eyesore when in the backyard or other space.

How would you like working in the OfficePOD tucked in your own backyard?

March 29th, 2011 by Lyn

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