Festive Fall Lighting

Since Halloween is this weekend, we wanted to bring some festive Fall decor to the blog. Aren’t these pumpkin – look – a – likes perfect?

What you see above is the Large Wood Veneer Globe and below is the Small Wood Veneer Globe. Both are manufactured by Shiner International, a modern eco-friendly furniture company based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Shiner is named after a black eye proudly received by the owner at the age of seven.

Both of the Wood Veneer Globes from Shiner International are made from wood veneer over lexan, birch plywood and hardwood dowels. These two images are shown in walnut and red oak, but they are also available in walnut and birch. The large lamp is 34″ in diameter with a 22″ height, and the small is 26″ diameter with a 21′ height.

Both the Large Wood Veneer Globe and the Small Wood Veneer Globe are awesome modern light fixtures. I love how they resemble pumpkins, but work all year long. Best of all, they won’t get smashed like real pumpkins on Halloween!

October 29th, 2010 by Lyn

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