Timothy Schreiber – Pop Modernist


Yesterday I stumbled upon the website of Timothy Schreiber, a designer based out of London. Although I couldn’t find a biography on his website, there is a Wikipedia page about Timothy Schreiber, which states that he has won three Red Dot Design Awards throughout his career.

Take a look at Timothy Schreiber’s website to see all of the “pop modernist” furniture he designs. Above is the S-08 Bench, designed by Schreiber. It is made out of clear section of colored acrylic. Each piece of acrylic is fixed upon two flexible guides that you can see through the acrylic. This mechanism allows you to create the bench as you please, with various colors, lengths and even shapes.


Another piece from Schreiber’s collection is the X-Lounger. The X-Lounger is based on a single ray that is traced along a double curve surface so that it achieves a “random looking yet controlled construction pattern.” Available in satin aluminum or malaysian rattan, the X-Lounger is just one of many contemporary pieces on Schreiber’s website, which is definitely worth checking out.

What’s your favorite piece?

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