Loopie Loo


Designed by Louisa Kwan, the Loopie is an interesting modular seating arrangement. Inspired by observations of people within waiting rooms, Louisa Kwan designed Loopie to be a flexible way to sit. The unique design of Loopie allows people to sit facign whichever way they please. Little ones can even crawl through it – provided they can fit!


Made of soft foam, the Loopie is plush and comfortable to rest upon. Drawing from its original inspiration, the Loopie is perfect for waiting rooms and lobbies of any kind, from a doctor’s office to a hotel lobby. Our only suggestion is to be careful getting loopy on the Loopie – you don’t want to fall off!

Where would you put the Loopie in your home or commercial space?

October 25th, 2010 by Lyn

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