Does Inmod Have Beef With Kanye?!

Kanye West Pillow

Looks like our friends over at Inmod have beef with Kanye. After his VMA outburst, it seems like everyone loves to hate Kanye  West (even the furniture and décor sector of the world apparently!)  But he does deserve it don’t you think?

Over at Inmod you can now design your own pillow that makes fun of the jilted rapper/self-proclaimed new king of pop.  Thoughts!?

September 22nd, 2009 by Christina

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  1. nickynick says:

    its true, everybody loves to hate him…too bad he’s a badass…He’s definitely closer to being the king of pop than that Taylor Shit chick. I’m sorry, Shiff, Swift, whatever. She can go cry and make another break up song.

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