Six Great Deals at Six Different Ways

This post is the first in a new weekly series appropriately titled Six Great Deals. Every Thursday, we’ll post the hottest deals we can find, offering you Six Great Ways to save money. Most will be the modern furniture you’ve come here to find, but other exceptional deals will also be recognized (because let’s face it, who doesn’t want a pizza for $6.99!).

Great Deal #1- Weekend Getaway
Six Great Deals - Weekend in Vegas

Tomorrow starts the weekend, and it’s the perfect time to get away. How about Vegas?! From now until April 10, you can stay at the MGM Grand starting at only $80 a night.  Yup, 80 bucks. So get going!  Check out Expedia to book this great deal.

Great Deal #2 – Save 45% on The Mercury Chair

Six Great Deals - Mercury Chair

If you are going to take advantage of Deal #1 good for you, but don’t expect a seat this comfortable in the car or the plane you’ll be taking there. The Mercury Chair is luxurious, comfortable, ultra modern, and on sale! Get one now for only $500 (originally $986). That’s 45% off!

Great Deal #3 – Madison Tribeca Bedroom Set

Six Great Deals- Madison Bedroom Set

Buying furniture in sets is a great way to save money, and if you need a new bed a new dresser probably isn’t too far down the road anyway.  With the stunningly modern Madison Tribeca Bedroom Set, you save 15% off what you would pay to buy its pieces individually!

Great Deal #4 – Lucky Brand Jeans

Six Great Deals - Lucky Brand Jeans

With all that storage space in your new bedroom set, you’re going to need some more clothes!   I love everything about Lucky …except its prices.  So, I bring you a way to not pay full retail!  Shop online and enter coupon code 9MARFAFF and you’ll save 30%! Not too shabby.

Great Deal #5 – Ella Dining Set

Six Great Deals - Ella Dining Set

Sets are definitely the way to save today. The Ella Round 48 Inch Dining Set is everything you need for a complete dining room and offers almost 10% (to be exact,it’s 9.98%) off buying the tables and chairs separately.  It just makes sense.

Great Deal #6 – MMM… Pizza

Six Great Deals - Papa Johns Pizza

Celebrate your new dining set with a delicious pizza. Hey, great looking furniture doesn’t mean you have to eat fancy food, and what’s better than pizza anyway!?  Order online and enter coupon code ENILNOWX699, and you’ll get yourself a large one topping pizza for only $6.99!

March 26th, 2009 by Christina

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