6 Ways to Bring in 2008


Originally designed in 1973 by famed French transportation and furniture designer, Roger Tallon, a true visionary, the “Addict” is part of his Mach 2000 watch series. Featuring a modern makeover, this space-age timepiece is manufactured by LIP and is available at www.watchismo.com


We all love the Jetsons. Now you can become one. Aptera proves that retro-space age design has never been more relevant to today’s needs. A small company with a big mission, Aptera’s goal is to create the world’s most fuel efficient vehicle yet with stylish appeal, a fun factor and a major emphasis on safety. The future is here…reserve yours today at www.aptera.com (approximately $28,000 USD)

Hara Chair
In the spirit of mid-century pioneers like Eero Aarnio and Verner Panton, the Hara chair was designed by Josh Rubin for Italian manufacturer, Kundilini. Having had the chance to sample this piece personally, I can say that it is every bit comfortable and form-fitting
as it is stylish.

Copacabana Guitar by Eero Aarnio

Yes, THE Eero Aarnio. I’ve never bought an axe without jamming on it first, but this COULD be the exception. These are built by Swedish luthier, Mr. Lottonen. While his website is in Swedish, I can only gather that a lot of love goes into building these. I wonder what a CopaBucker pickup sounds like.

Globo (Outdoor) Bubbles of Light
I was deep into world 1, level 3, of “Super Mario Brothers’ – The Lost Levels”, the original 1986 Japanese release, which is now available for download on the Wii, when my wife urged me to pause the game and then shoved THIS (above) in my face. What I then experienced was what some of us refer to as “a moment.” All of the little mushroom people, flying ducks and goombatroopas seemed to have been given real meaning, in the context of modern design. Hence, the Globo (Outdoor) Bubbles of Light by Viso is perhaps the most fun, invigorating way to render your backyard. I’m in. Soon available at inmod.com

Ferm Living

Designed and manufactured in Denmark, Ferm Living has got some really cool wallpaper, ranging from floral patterns to abstract motifs, retro patterns to custom designs. Also available are Wall Stickers (shown), that are simple to apply and easily removeable. These are more illustrative, covering a wider array of subject matter, like world maps, animals, fingerprints, and if you love pop art as much as us, they are definitely worth the price tag.

January 2nd, 2008 by Christina

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