Design your own modern bedding

Design your own modern bedding, by using Inmod’s very own innovative Design Studio. By using your own creative powers you can choose your favorite pattern such as: Autumn for a zen and tranquil atmosphere, Bloom for a retro, groovy look, or Love for the ultra modern bedroom as well as many other cool designs.

Choose from luxurious fabrics made of the finest quality where you can select: A plush Linen for a light and breezy feel, or a Silk Taffeta a smooth, crisp and lustrous fabric, as well as Silk Dupioni made of silk entangled cocoons providing a rich coarse yarn silk fabric.

Inmod’s vast variety of base and embroidery colors, allows you to transform your space using color to set a mood. Choose from earthy, natural tones or bright, vivid modern shade. After selecting the look of the duvet, switching to a room view is just a click away, allowing you to be the interior designer. Begin by customizing the floor, follow with a rug, a bed frame, a nightstand, wall color, and bed sheets, molding and even accent vases, no details were spared in our design studio, to allow you to have a clear picture of what your customized duvets would look like in your bedroom.Inmod Design Studio is like nothing else we’ve seen; it allows you to use your creativity and actually design your own dream bedding made of the finest quality fabrics and intricate details, all handmade and incredibly fabulous.

January 25th, 2007 by Karen

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