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Modern Wood Furniture

My parents always had a lot of wood furniture in their home, and now looking around my own, I realized I have a ton of it as well! They actually gave me my dining table and chairs – all wooden – but my coffee table, bed frame, tv stand, bar stools – everything is wood! Aside from the coffee table and tv stand – my fiance picked them out – the dining set, bed frame, and stools are all on the modern side, even though they’re made from wood. Sometimes when I think of modern, I think of chromed legs and lucite – not wood. Do you ever think that way?

Anyway, I came across a site that sells Pine-Oak Furniture, including the dining set you see above. I love the unique shape of the table that is far more modern than traditional, wouldn’t you agree? If you browse through their Collection of Oak Furniture and Pine Wood Furniture, you’ll see some of the furniture is more transitional, but they also offer a ton of modern wood furniture as well. They also pair a lot of their dining tables with chic modern chairs – and I love that contrast.

What are your thoughts on wood furniture? Do you have a lot in your home or do you mix and match with other materials such as chrome and stainless steel?


February 12th, 2013 by Katie

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Bright, Colorful Room: Love this Look?

I’ve been staring at this bright room on Pinterest for a few days now. After Nemo snowed us in for the beginning of the weekend, it’s been refreshing to see the bright, preppy fun of this room.

Of course, the bright pink tufted chair is what calls out to me the most. But I also feel that if I had such a vivid and colorful room in my home – such as a workspace – filled with all of those books and quirky accessories – I’d feel more motivated. Not that I don’t feel motivated now, it’s just that my workspace is in the basement, and I don’t always feel the urge to shut myself down there! Maybe if I had that hot pink chair I would!

What do you think of this decor? Do you love this look or is it too colorful and maybe a bit too preppy for your style? Personally, I love it – and would love to see the rest of the space – but I can’t find the original source for the image! Such is life on Pinterest, I guess.

[Image from Pinterest]

February 11th, 2013 by Katie

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Weekly Six: 2.8.13

Happy Friday!!!

Who’s anxiously awaiting for this blizzard to hit? I am! If you’re in an area expecting to be hit with snow, we hope you enjoy hunkering down – while staying safe, of course!

Here’s this week’s Weekly Six:

1 – A nostalgic V-day DIY.

2 – 2-ingredient cookies.

3 – A beautiful hydrangea cloud.

4 – Chic modern seating.

5 – A traditional salad with a twist.

6 – Swooning over the pink ceilings in this bright bathroom.

Have a great weekend!!

February 8th, 2013 by Katie

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I’m a big J.Crew person. And I used to be a bigger jewelry person, but now I’m just kind of lazy. Either way, I can’t get enough of the jewelry that J.Crew has been dropping the past year or so. The beading and the gems and the jewels are just perfection. PERFECTION!

From the necklaces to the bracelets to the earrings to the rings – they are colorful, blingy and bright. For me, looking at their jewelry is like being in a candy store – I can’t get enough! If only my pockets were a little bit deeper, I’d own way more of their pieces than I do. I usually wait until they have a sale because they really mark those jewels down.

I sound like a J.Crew groupie, but really that’s what I am! I can go into that store and really break the bank. It’s not a good thing.

What do you think of these jewels? Any that you have to have? I’m thinking I absolutely NEED that necklace in the top left corner ASAP!

[All jewelry can be found here]

February 7th, 2013 by Katie

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Product Pick: Koop Chair

While I wouldn’t mind one of these awesome Koop Chairs in my living room, the description of these chairs implies that they were created for the business environment, which is even more exciting. But technically since I work from home, I could have one of these in my living room and do my work from the comfort of the Koop Chair, right?

If I didn’t work from home, I would LOVE to work in an office with chairs such as these. They’re modern and chic and innovative for an office environment. Even if used in a lobby or a lounge area, they would provide efficient style for both clients and employees alike.

Designed by Martela and available at Wharfside, these egg shaped chairs are available in a variety of colors, so both the shell and the interior can either match or be different.

What do you think about the Koop Chair? Wouldn’t you love one of these in your office?



February 6th, 2013 by Katie

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Lately I’ve been thinking about lifestyles. Glamourous lifestyles, more specifically. I’ll admit, I’m a big fan of several series of Real Housewives on Bravo, but sometimes the lifestyles they portray get me thinking. There are so many things to think about on this topic of conversation – which could get crazy. But really, I’m thinking of how Pinterest and the Internet and shows like RH make it so easy to fantasize about living in a huge, gorgeous home like the one above. Can you imagine swimming in that pool all day?

Or cooking in a ridiculously fabulous kitchen such as that white one. Have you even seen an island like that? I can’t say that I have. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a bath in an infinity tub next to your fireplace? That’s some serious relaxing.

See how easy it is to fantasize? And a lot of these things you can make reality with a little DIY and money saving. And whenever I dream about owning a gorgeous home like this – one thing I don’t EVER think about is the money involved. It’s one thing to think about initial costs – but how about everything else? Taxes, insurance, maintenance. Insanity!! My household insurance is reasonable, but can you imagine what it’s like on that gigundo home above?? I wouldn’t even want to know!

Even though it is fun to dream of living a glamourous lifestyle, it’s also just inspiring to look at the beautiful decor and architecture created for those living the lifestyle. While sometimes a quick home fantasy can brighten your day a little, so can some great inspiration! Which is way cheaper!

What do you think of glamourous lifestyles? Do you enjoy the beautiful homes and rooms all over Pinterest or are you sick of them?!

[Images 1 - 2 - 3]


February 5th, 2013 by Katie

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