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DIY Travel Boxes

Underneath the bed in my spare bedroom are two giant bins filled with craft supplies. I’d say about half of those supplies are for scrapbooking. But I have yet to make a scrapbook. In fact, my attempts to make scrapbooks are so non-existent that I barely even take pictures anymore because I know I really won’t do too much with them, other than store them on my computer.

With my upcoming honeymoon just a couple of months away, I definitely want to break this habit. Which is why this travel box DIY/scrapbook alternative in the March issue of Martha Stewart is right up my alley. All you have to do is make a box, put the location of your travels on the side and then fill it with all of your vacation goodies. You can organize it however you please – but it’s quick and meaningful, without all of the hassle of cutting and pasting and adding stickers. Which I love, don’t get me wrong, I just never get to it!

This is perfect for me because while I love to save ticket stubs and all that, not only do I not scrapbook them, I really don’t even take them out of my purse until I clean it out six months later.

What do you think of these travel boxes? Are you a lazy memento-keeper like me or are you good at the scrapbooking?



April 9th, 2013 by Katie

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Mad Men

Did you watch the season premiere of Mad Men last night? It was just over two hours of our favorite characters in their chic outfits and crisp mid-century modern decor. I only watched about half of it, but will definitely be watching the second half tonight.

I found these adorable paper dolls of Joan and Megan from Mad Men Illustrated via How about Orange. If you’re a Mad Man fan, take a look at the Illustrated site – there are tons of fun illustrated scenes.

What did you think of last night’s episode? Any new modern decor worth watching for?

April 8th, 2013 by Katie

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Weekly Six: 4.5.13

Happy Friday!

This week’s Weekly Six is an interesting one – several of the items pair up with each other. Do you find yourself drawn to similar things all at once??

1 – Flannel + sequins = a great match!

2 – More sequins – this time in a DIY for elbow patches.

3 – Lots of color in this unique modern dining table.

4 – The sofa, the artwork – everything about this room is fantastic.

5 – It’s always great to find healthy ways to make some favorites. First we have healthy gummy bears….

6 – Then we have pizzas with portobello mushrooms instead of carb-filled crust!

Have a great weekend!

April 5th, 2013 by Katie

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Pale Pink Walls

Lately I’ve got the urge to paint some walls a subtle pale pink. I don’t know what room it would be for, although I am longing for an office space of my own. But it would be of my own because I’m not sure my fiance would go for a pale pink bedroom, living room or kitchen.

Taking a look at the three images above, each room is painted a pale pink, but none of them are bedrooms or nurseries or offices that might belong to a little girl or a woman. There are two living rooms and a kitchen. Maybe it’s a single woman’s house – or maybe the men don’t care about the pale pink.

Trust me when I saw that I’m not trying to be sexist by any means, but light pink is a very feminine color. I never really had the pale pink urge until now, now that my house is entirely painted, but if I did, I don’t know how my fiance would react. I can’t imagine he would mind too much – he did let me have the ruffly shower curtain I wanted!

What are your thoughts on pale pink? What about pale pink and the man/men in your life?

[Images 1 - 2 - 3]

April 4th, 2013 by Katie

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Product Pick: Beach Ball Shades

Since the weather isn’t doing much to satisfy our warm weather cravings, we’ll have to rely on these fun and festive Beach Ball Shades from TOBYhouse. Aren’t they bright and cool?

Each modern pendant light is made from a real inflatable beach ball that has been rendered solid on the inside to be a hard surface with a smooth white finish. Each lamp is made to order.

I can see them in a sleek modern beach house with a whimsical vibe, or in a funky restaurant by the shore. A chic hair salon or retail could definitely rock these lamps in their decor.

What do you think of these Beach Ball Shades – where do you see them?


April 3rd, 2013 by Katie

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Stairwells & Frames: Love this Look?

Gallery walls are pretty much perfect anywhere you put them – but how about leading you up the stairs as in these images above?

Putting these arrangements together likely takes a decent amount of patience, but I’d say it is worth the effort! The first two picture galleries have a climbing effect as the stairs escalate, while the third image just has the frames arranged over the entire wall. And they’re all green, while the others are all black and a mixture of black, white, silver.

There’s a lot you can do with the details of this look – but as far as stairwells and picture frames go – what do you think of it? Do you love this look?


[Images 1 - 2 - 3]

April 2nd, 2013 by Katie

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